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Camping Rules

Area Regulation applicable to the recreation park Pahna
Campsite regulations See-Camping Altenburg-Pahna
Dear guests,

the team of recreation park Pahna / See-Camping Altenburg Pahna welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant and relaxing stay.

For the use of the leisure park applies to all guests following order: Pay attention to tidiness and cleanliness and be considerate towards other guests. Handle carefully the equipment and the found in nature and not damage it. The area is close to nature. There is no liability for damages arising from the use of the facilities and grounds of the leisure park übernommen.Das terrain is a little traffic within the meaning of the Highway Code. Driving on the beach promenade and the beach is only permitted guardian. Cars must be parked on the allocated parking space. Drifting driving is prohibited. Day visitors is the big parking available for a fee. The riding is subject to prior approval.

Registered campers and cottage renters may grilling on their plots or to the cottages and use the campfire sites by appointment. Other open fire, fire bowls, torches and fire in the grill are not allowed. When forest fires apply for grilling, for the campfire and special arrangements for parking. Fireworks may only New Year's Eve are shot in compliance with the figurehead of security provisions.

The crickets and the benefits of campfire places for day visitors not möglich.Von 23:00 bis 07:00 clock 13:00 bis 15:00 clock and there is room alone. Avoid unnecessary noise during this time, loud music and entertainment. Mow at this time no grass. From 23:00 to 07:00 clock consists ban. The barrier system is closed and is navigable only in emergency situations. Outside the rest is silence disturbing noise to be omitted. The benefits of the site and the facilities of the recreation park Pahna for any event by third parties and private parties require the prior written approval of the management of a recreational park Pahna. For approved events a fee is charged. The license shall be denied if the event this order contradicts.

For sports and games are available from 8:00 bis 20:00 clock the leisure and play space. Parents and teachers practice the obligation to supervise children in full. Use at your own risk. The recreation park shall not be liable. During the course rest from 13:00 bis 15:00 clock consideration is to be taken.

At the lake there are no lifeguards. Bathing at your own risk. Only the southern shore of the great lake is suitable for swimming. There are no designated swimming areas at all other shore areas. Dangers on the shore and in the water can not be excluded. Entering the water management system on the north shore is prohibited.

For entering the ice in winter the provisions of the municipal administration Fockendorf that can be viewed in the reception apply.

Dogs are welcome in the grounds of the leisure park. They must be kept on a leash. For bathing dogs is only the designated dog beach. On the south beach of the great lake consists dog ban. Dog waste must be removed by the user.

The practice of a trade, exhibitions and the printing of posters, require prior approval.

The lake fishing is allowed with fishing license and fishing authorization at the designated fishing zones. At the fishing spots no tents allowed to set up and fire to be created. Fishing permits and further information are available at the reception.

Diving in the lake is allowed. Sign up before diving in at the front desk. They can give you information about the entry points and parking.

The area was subject of mining previous use. Any changes in the conditions encountered, especially the embankments are prohibited.

Campers and cottage guests sign in front of the utility of the campsite or holiday home in the reception according to the reporting procedure. For this purpose, we request the submission of the identity card or passport. Please use the agreed footprint. Payment is due upon arrival according to the current fee table. Under 18 years old, guests are welcome to use the campsite and the cottages only if accompanied by parent or guardian.

Campers bring recyclables and residual waste to the recycling center at the reception. Please use the recycling center cottage guests at the cottage settlement. We apologize for waste separation. Glass we pray in the container at the terminal loop disposed of. The disposal of large debris is possible for a fee by appointment.

Guests may take years weekdays provided to the trailer leaves and green waste. Brought along garbage may not be disposed in a recreation park werden.Der entrance area of a recreational park and visitor parking are videoüberwacht.Die employee of a recreational park to practice law in the house, these instructions should be followed. You are authorized persons to refuse admission to the course or to refer them off when it appears necessary for the maintenance of order and security. Any violation of this order may pronounced warnings and charges are applicable. Not on the campsite or in the cottage settlement pending adults leave from 22:00 bis 07:00 clock the terrain. Undeclared young people under 18 who are not accompanied by parent or legal guardian have to leave the grounds by 7:00 bis 21:00 clock. The only exceptions are for events of a recreational park / lake camping.

Pahna in the January 2015 Board of Recreation Park Pahna / See-Camping Altenburg-Pahna


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